Villas that make business sense

Villas that make business sense

Since we took the last set of pictures for this st maarten villa, it has been transformed. The property has undergone cosmetic refurbishment, inside and out. Ready to move in and make it your home.

Importantly the property is perfect for investment opportunity. With two villas in one property, the potential to rent the other villa to a family would pave the way for a large part of the mortgage to be paid, especially since the price of the entire estate is well below the usual asking price in the area.

Saunders is a highly recommended residential area. The property is in a very safe neighborhood and is close to schools, supermarkets, hospitals etc.

Valuation:  In the Saunders area a three bedroom home would start from $400,000. This st maarten villa is 3 bedroom +2 +studio.

Interesting fact:  This home has been appraised for $485,000.

Rental Income – this home could fetch an estimated rental income of $3425 per month.  No maintenance or association fee.

Business sense: One could also live in the main house and rent the 2 apartments, and have a rental income of 1625 per month which could be a part of the mortgage. It is a good investment for business people with a lot of staff members.

Sunny Side St Maarten Villa

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