St Maarten Residency

Important information on St Maarten Residency

St Maarten Residency

Everyone entering St Maarten will be issued a tourist visa by the immigration officer which is valid for 90 days.

St. Maarten Residency – Dutch Citizens

St. Maarten is a Dutch territory, so Dutch citizens can stay there without a residency permit for up to six months. For longer stays, or to take up residency in St. Maarten long term, Dutch citizens must apply for a residency visa.

Note that a residency permit is not the same as a work permit. Residency holders are not allowed to work, and part of being approved for residency involves demonstrating an ability to support yourself without working.

St. Maarten Residency – All Other Citizens

Non-Dutch citizens must apply for a residency permit immediately if they want to relocate to St. Maarten for an indefinite period of time. Again, this permit is not a work permit. (See Resources.)

Work Permits

If you wish to work in St. Maarten, a local employer must apply for a work permit on your behalf. To obtain a permit, the employer must demonstrate why they want to bring in a foreign worker rather than hiring a local citizen. This is usually accomplished by proving you have special skills and expertise in the industry in which you will be working.


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