Preparing your Home for sale

Looks are more important than ever!

When sellers are preparing to list their home they may be considering updating or renovating the spaces that are old fashioned or outdated. Selling your house can be quite a process if not approached in a right way. Here are a few tips while you are trying to sell your house.

Putting the best face on your house is more important than ever, “curb appeal” is critical since sales have cooled and the inventory on the market is high. If there’s something they don’t like about the house, they are more likely to just move on to the next one.

Excellent First Impression: Making a positive first impression on prospective buyers is necessary.

Minimize personal items: Buyers cannot picture themselves in your home you need to remove photos and personal items that represent you.

Clutter: De clutter your home, cluttered homes don’t show well.

 Basic Updates

Doing the basic updates to my house keeps it in tip top condition, so when I decide to sell again, the new buyers can see that this is a well cared home. Buyers are looking for a healthy and safe home as well as a welcoming home here are a few basic updates that add most value to your home.

Basic updates add the most value to your home.

  • Keep the paint fresh
  • Get rid of any mold
  • Fix the roof when it leaks
  • Replace wood that rots

 Here are a few other exterior improvements you might want to consider:

  • fresh paint
  • a new front door
  • or a new walkway
  • Keep the sidewalks cleared.
  • Mow the lawn.

 Instead of renovating an outdated kitchen/bathroom I advise my clients to do the following:

  • Remove all clutter from the kitchen
  • Clean the stove, refrigerator and oven
  • Remove items from the refrigerator
  • Check all your bulbs
  • Clean all drawers
  • Add new knobs to the drawers and doors
  • Repair anything that is broken
  • Paint it with a neutral colour


  • Replace worn rugs.
  • Hang up fresh towels.
  • Re-caulk tubs, showers and sinks.
  • Polish chrome faucets and mirrors
  • Bathroom towels look great fastened with ribbon and bows.
  • Clean and air out any musty smelling areas. Odors are a no-no.

I do not recommend my clients to spend invest a lot of money on renovations unless you are a professional. I personally feel that de cluttering and getting the house in a good shape by doing the tips mentioned above are extremely helpful.

Buyers like to add their own personal touch by adding new appliances flooring etc. Most importantly from my experience buyers like bright kitchens, open up your kitchen windows and let the sun shine in.


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