About St Maarten

St.Maarten / St.Martin- Real Estate- “The Friendly Island with a Magical Charm”

The magical charm and ideal weather of St.Maarten has long been a magnet for those seeking the perfect home and respite from colder climates.

St.Maarten known as the friendly island is located in the thrilling waters of the Caribbean Sea. With 37 beaches, this island not only has the best cuisine but also the best hang out spots for families, couples or just teenagers.

The island’s sugary-white beaches are spiritually restive and abundant; walkers who encounter them are often struck by their splendid seclusion. A place to renew your passion for life, and do what comes naturally. Put the worries of the world behind you, and live in the moment. Set yourself free, and explore without limits.

Enjoy the spirit of our intimate island, where you arrived as a stranger and leave as our treasured friend…

Real Estate:

Well located and priced right, St Maarten real estate offers significant potential for capital appreciation. St Maarten real estate is not subject to wild fluctuations or volatile speculation, which ultimately creates unsustainable inflation bubbles. With a global market appeal that includes North America and Europe, St Maarten real estate is poised to continue its upward momentum that has seen steady and consistent value growth over the past 10 years.

Whether you are interested in beachfront or ocean front property, St.Maarten real estate market has many options; your very own piece of paradise is well within your reach.

Both St. Martin /St. Maarten real estate markets are filled with an excellent selection of world class private residences, offering luxury amenities.

Nowhere is the promise of stable real estate investment returns more evident than in the Caribbean island of St Maarten. With a generous tax structure that includes an absence of both property and capital gains taxes, along with inviting property ownership rights, St Maarten Real estate is truly at the center of this burgeoning investment opportunity

Both Got welcome investment in business and property from interested international buyers

French St.Martin, real estate transactions are always handled by the Notaries (Notary). The Notaries is responsible for preparing the final deed and obtaining all relevant searches about the property. The Notaries must check that each party has full capacity or the right either to sell or purchase property. Like on the Dutch side of St. Maarten, the Notary is responsible, by law, to both parties and is obligated to do a proper title search to insure a clear title transfer. Neither title insurance or personal attorneys are necessary.

The Costs and Taxes – St.Martin Real Estate (French Lowlands)

The following are some of the costs and taxes associated with properties in the French St.Martin.

Virtually all properties are fee simple deeds, similar to the USA.

  • There are annual property taxes
  • Upon the sale of property there is a 33½% capital gains tax
  • Offshore companies are welcome but with restrictions.
  • As part of the covenants and deed restrictions of properties in the Terres Basses there are restrictions on building and renovating homes in the area

These are part of the covenants and deed restrictions known as the Cahier des Charges.

The Costs and Taxes- St.Maarten Real Estate (Dutch Lowlands)

Property ownership in St. Maarten is a relatively simple process and a resident of any country can own property here.
The conveyance of real property in St. Maarten is accomplished using the services of a Civil Law Notary under the European system of title registry. The notary is charged with ensuring the conveyance protects the buyer by delivering free and clear ownership and that the buyer is aware of all relevant conditions affecting the property, such as restrictive covenants and easements.

There are three basic types of deed transfers for St.Maarten Real Estate:

  • Fee simple
  • Government long lease
  • Private long lease

All deed types give registered ownership. Virtually all properties in the Dutch Lowlands are fee simple (same as in U.S.). The responsibility of clear title is with the Notary, thus title insurance is not needed. Closings take place on St. Maarten in English within the time frame set by the Sales and Purchase Agreement. Closing costs are typically paid by the Purchaser.

The closing costs and taxes associated with St.Maarten real estate are Dutch Lowlands

Approximately 6% transfer fees; includes notary stamp and all fees.

  • No Property Taxes
  • No capital gains tax.
  • Offshore companies and investors welcome.

When the Purchase and Sale Agreement is properly executed and all conditions waived, the Notary will proceed to examine title to determine rightful ownership, the chain of ownership and any liens, mortgages or other encumbrances affecting the property. Once satisfied, he will prepare the Deed of Conveyance and set a date for closing. For the benefit of non-residents, the Notary can also prepare Powers of Attorney if the party to the transaction is unable to attend the closing.

France and the Netherlands have shared this haven of sand, sea and sun peacefully for more than three centuries.

The Dutch call it Sint Maarten and on the French side the signs say Saint Martin. Not that there is a particularly obvious separation. You can drive, or walk, over a border untended and unmarked except for a sign of welcome to one country or the other.